Dealer Strategic Planning (DSP 20 Group) Joins Bobit Business Media

Dealer Strategic Planning (DSP 20 Group) Joins Bobit Business Media

Torrance, CA, January 11, 2016 ― Bobit Business Media today announced the acquisition of Dealer Strategic Planning (DSP 20 Group) from owner and founder, Norman Gaither. Formed in 2007, DSP launched the first 20 Group established specifically for the retail tire and service industry.

DSP offers tire and automotive service dealers the opportunity to share best practices, benchmark against the industry, and improve their financial performance. From its initial startup with one group and 20 members, DSP has grown the business to seven groups, and currently has more than 100 independent tire dealers as members.

Norm Gaither believes his company has made a significant impact on hundreds of dealers’ lives over the years. “I am so proud of the work we have done to help our customers improve their bottom line profit. In fact, many have told me that our guidance meant the difference between success and bankruptcy. That’s pretty powerful. Now, DSP will continue with new leadership based on the same proven principles which have made our customers successful over the years.”

Ty F. Bobit, President and CEO of Bobit Business Media, thinks this is a good fit for his company. “Bobit has been serving the tire and automotive service industry for many years with our portfolio of publications, including Modern Tire Dealer. We have been partners with DSP for many years beginning with our 2010 strategic alliance, formed with the express purpose of helping independent tire dealers grow and succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. The partnership has been a resounding success. Now, with the purchase of DSP, we will be able to expand our service to dealers at an even higher level. And with our resources, we can help DSP grow even more through our marketing capabilities.”

DSP will continue to operate as a separate company with no visible change in operations and no staffing changes. Executive Director Dennis McCarron will run the day-to-day operation of the business, assisted by Bruce Hawley, former OK Tire executive, and Pat Brown, former VP Global Branding and Communications, Cooper Tire.

“When I joined DSP in 2009, I loved the concept and it was a perfect fit for my post-Cooper career,” says Brown. “Our customers have become our friends and I look forward to an exciting new chapter in partnership with Bobit. Norm Gaither was the heart and soul of this business and we will miss his invaluable contribution; however Dennis, Bruce, and I are committed to bringing the same level of professionalism and expertise to all DSP members for many years to come.”

About DSP 20 Group

Dealer Strategic Planning, Inc. offers tire and automotive service dealers the opportunity to share best practices, benchmark against the industry, and improve financial performance. Each group allows a maximum of 20 dealers, who meet three times a year to help each other improve their business performance. Formed in 2007, Dealer Strategic Planning is the only tire-focused 20 Group available in the industry. For more information, contact Dennis McCarron, 630-352-8918,; or Pat Brown, 419-420-5915,

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