DSP Adds McCarron to Management Team

DSP Adds McCarron to Management Team

(Formerly Bridgestone’s National Management Instructor)

Norfolk, VA—April 14, 2014.   Dealer Strategic Planning, Inc. (DSP) today announced the addition of Dennis McCarron to its staff of professionals to manage the growing number of retailers joining DSP’s 20 groups.  DSP now serves store owners representing nearly 375 retail outlets.  With the addition of McCarron, the 20 group facilitators bring 148 years of tire industry experience to 20 group members who are looking for ways to increase profits.

McCarron’s experience includes 8 years managing retail stores for Bridgestone and 10 years as a National Management Instructor for Bridgestone’s retail operations.  He helped create and implement the ongoing developmental training of 2,200 store managers.  With certification in DISC facilitation (interactive and personality valuation) and a master certification in Dimensional Selling and Coaching, McCarron will bring additional expertise in the Human Resource and training area for DSP.

Norm Gaither commented on McCarron’s decision to join his team, “Dennis will bring another dimension of leadership training to make our powerful team even stronger.   His credentials align very well with the marketing, operations and financial expertise already on staff.  We are anxious to introduce Dennis to our customers at our upcoming cycle of meetings.”

McCarron said the decision to join DSP was a simple one.  “Over the last few years, Norm and I would meet at industry functions and as we learned more about how we each share the same passion in this business the next step became obvious: to join his team.  Dealer Strategic Planning’s 20 groups are becoming recognized as the premier industry organization for store owners who want more out of their businesses—profits, satisfaction and equity for future generations.  I am happy to be a part of this successful model.”

About DSP 20 Group

Dealer Strategic Planning, Inc. offers tire and automotive service dealers the opportunity to share best practices, benchmark against the industry and improve financial performance.   Each group allows a maximum of 20 dealers who meet three times a year to help each other improve their business performance.  Formed in 2007, Dealer Strategic Planning is the only tire-focused 20 group available in the industry.  For more information, contact:  Pat Brown, 419-420-5915 or [email protected] or Paul Chizeck, 910-409-7293 or [email protected].

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