• Peer Learning – 20 heads together to solve your business issues

  • “I will increase my labor rates by $10/hour after our 20 group convinced me that I was giving away profits.”

  • Best Practice Sharing – Workable ideas and solutions from successful dealers

  • “I wish we could have these meetings every month because I get so many good ideas…”

  • Financial Comparisons – Monthly reports to benchmark your results

  • “I just saved enough from one executive discussion to pay for this program for an entire year!”

  • Professional Guidance – Finance, Marketing and Training resources

  • “After our discussion on how important it was to get rid of negative, non-productive people, I saved $400,000 on payroll expense.”

  • Peer Support – Members hold each other accountable for improvement

  • “I was able to find qualified techs through the web service we discussed at our last meeting.”

  • Host Dealer Visit – Benefit from peer review and analysis

  • “I was looking for good ideas to re-organize my shop. My 20 group helped me increase efficiency and reduce staff.”

  • Action Plans – Leave each meeting with an action plan

  • “I attend many industry meetings but my 20 group meeting forces me to make needed changes in my business.”

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