Dealer Strategic Planning Grows Tire Dealer 20 Groups

Virginia Beach, VA, June 15, 2009— Dealer Strategic Planning, Inc. (DSP), today announced that an additional tire retailer 20 group will hold their first meeting  in August . This dealer group is composed of 20 tire retailers from non-competing markets in the U.S. and Canada.

Jeff Pohlman, a Hamilton, Ohio dealer with 4 retail locations will host the first meeting.  “I am excited about joining this group after hearing the glowing comments from my peers who belong to other groups facilitated by Dealer Strategic Planning.   My expectations are to come away with real ideas and actions to help improve my business.  As a plus, by being the host dealer, I will get experienced advice from 19 other dealers when they visit my business and offer improvement suggestions.”

The goal of DSP 20 groups is to help dealers increase bottom line profits by peer learning, sharing best practices, financial benchmarking and access to industry experts.  Each month the dealers receive a detailed financial analysis which helps them track their performance against the group and industry benchmarks.  The 20 groups meet three times a year for 2 1/2 days of intense business discussions. The financial analysis and guidance is provided by Norman Gaither, a well-known consultant in the automotive aftermarket who has been successfully improving dealers’ financial strength for more than 25 years.

Gaither, a co-founder of DSP 20 Group is a strong proponent of the concept which originated among car dealers.   “In today’s distressed economy, dealers need every edge they can get to help with their bottom line.  We have many dealers reaching our goal of greater than 10% net profit and most outpace the industry norm of 3% net profit.”
Subsequent meetings for this group will be held with date and place determined by the dealers.  The meeting agendas and topics are decided by the dealers.  The meetings conclude with a “best idea” award and specific action plans which will then be reviewed at the next meeting. Dealers commit to actions and are then, held accountable by their peers to put those actions into practice.

“Many tire dealers attend meetings where they broadly discuss business issues and yet, dealers typically come away with vague ideas and good intentions but no plan of action.  Our DSP 20 Group puts structure, financial guidance and accountability into the model whereby the dealers become coaches and encourage their peers to successful solutions,” said Pat Brown, VP Marketing.  “This is the most remarkable and helpful program that I’ve seen for tire dealers in my many years of industry experience.”

Dealer Strategic Planning will continue to form new 20 groups as dealers become aware of this helpful business tool.  For more information, contact:  Pat Brown, VP Marketing, Dealers Strategic Planning, Inc., 419-420-5915 or [email protected].

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