Tire Dealers Join Elite Group

20 Group launches tire industry business improvement team

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – May 12, 2008 – Dealer Strategic Planning, Inc. is launching an exciting new concept designed to help tire dealers learn from each other by sharing best practices, marketing ideas and business management strategies in order to  improve profits and operating efficiencies.
The concept, called “20 Group,” is a proven automotive retail training model that brings dealers together in a structured setting to create a dynamic peer-learning environment. Dealers are encouraged to share experiences, trade ideas and draw on their collective knowledge to formulate strategies for success that will best suit their individual businesses.
Seventeen independent tire dealers from nine states and three Canadian provinces met recently for the first time.
“The first meeting was outstanding,” said John Hoppe, Duxler Tire Co., Glenview, Ill. “I personally got more information to help me improve my business than I thought I would get from five meetings.”
Dealer Strategic Planning, Inc. developed the 20 Group concept for the tire industry based on the success of similar programs for the automotive industry.
“We believe this is a great opportunity to help tire dealers come together and learn what works and what doesn’t work and formulate practical plans that will help improve their businesses,” said Stu Zurcher of Dealer Strategic Planning, Inc.

Quotes from the Industry:

“This is something that the Tire Industry has needed for a long time.” Larry Morgan (Chairman Emeritus) Tires Plus “Members of a 20 Group is the elite of the elite in their industry.” Ellen McKoy   (Executive Director) Specialty Equipment Warranty Alliance (a division of SEMA)

About Dealer Strategic Planning, Inc.:
Our vision is to provide an open forum that combines peer-learning with industry professionals, while establishing the opportunity for growth and rewards for our members.

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